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4Voices provides positive, nurturing and comprehensive training on public speaking and presentation skills, delivered both in-person and online.

4Voices is delighted to offer a range of courses as well as group and individual private coaching to develop public speaking and social communication skills.
Our fun and interactive sessions have been proven to help teens increase class participation, organise thoughts, face interviews, raise reading and writing levels, develop social skills, meet like-minded people, become leaders and build confidence in who they are and what they have to say.
Public speaking is a life-changing skill that not only opens doors personally and professionally but can also dramatically improve confidence, self-awareness and success.

See below for our current courses and coaching options.


4Voices offers a range of courses aimed specifically at students and teachers alike that provide in-depth training in the theory and practice of public speaking, and its application in the academic and corporate worlds, all through a dynamic, self-directed online format.

Private Coaching

4Voices private coaching provides a safe space for teens to grow and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves clearly, persuasively and empathetically.
Our coaching is 100% customised to the needs of the student. We offer specialist coaching on public speaking, presentation and interview techniques.

The Power of Communication

In a society where the power of communication is paramount, private coaching can be the transformative tool that propels a teen towards a future of limitless possibilities.
It's an investment in their future, empowering them not only academically but also in their relationships and future careers and as active, influential citizens.

Nanthan Nan

First Prize
4Voices Public Speaking Competition 2022
"This was truly a wonderful experience for me and I enjoyed it a lot. It was my pleasure to work with all of these amazing people. We shared ideas and developed public speaking skills together. I hope there can be more and more opportunities like this for all teenagers in the future."

4Voices Public Speaking Events & Competitions

4Voices believes that teens are far from broken, distracted or apathetic. We believe they are powerful catalysts for change.
Their voices can be a beacon of hope, an agent for progress and a force for justice. By learning the skills to convey their passions and values, they can bridge divides, raise awareness and build a better future. Since 2022, we have supported their journey by providing the training, the audience and the stage to amplify their message worldwide.

Iva Comar

4Voices Public Speaking Competition 2023
"I found it was a great, fun and informative experience! I learned new skills that I knew I would use in the future, all while sharing this journey with other peers that soon became friends."

A Public Speaking Journey for Teens

On 16 January 2024 we hosted our first webinar on the myriad of benefits of mastering the art of public speaking, particularly for Gen Z, with 4Voices co-founders Cormac Walsh, Gabriella Opaz and Carrie Frais.
Visit our YouTube channel to watch the full recording of the webinar.